Roosted over the organic garden, dine secretly or at the collective Chili Table. Chefs work with Maldivian anglers and agriculturists to source nearby elements for imaginative dishes.


Twelve guests are welcomed daily to the upper deck of our exceptional overwater area. Zen offers an advanced curve on a conventional Kaiseki menu, including the finest sushi and sashimi.


This outdoor, two story restaurant starts every day with an abundant breakfast. Supper is individually universal menu of crisp catch, barbecued meats, pastas and Asian flavors.

Chill Bar

Chill Lounge and Bar is assembled over the water and on a few levels, where nearby crisp fixings contribute more than their fair share and the beverages taste as they were initially planned.

Ice & Choclate Studio

An in the open air dessert parlor with forty or more regularly evolving flavors.

Altitude Cellar & Deli

Climbing 6.4 meters over the Indian Ocean, this unique sunlit, spun glass wine tower holds 400 Old and New world vintages. The Deli stocks foreign European charcuterie and cheeses.